Justin Bieber Dictionary!

Beliebers: Justin Bieber’s trully fans.
“I’m a belieber, you’re not!”

Bieber-fever: a sickness, that has recently been becoming more common, where a girl, or boy, is extreamely obsessed with Justin Bieber, and everything related to him. The only cure is to meet justin bieber in person and have romantic date.
“Mommy, I think I have Bieber fever. “

Bieber Blast: The effect of Justin Bieber took over girls everywhere in da world.
“OMG.. did you hear the news on justinbieberzone.com? Bieber-Blast hits Japan today!”

Bieberty: When Justin Bieber finally hits puberty.
“OMG Becky, You won’t believe this, Justin Bieber finally hit bieberty.”

Biebette: A girl with an obsession with Justin Bieber
“Girl… I’m so going to his concert because i’m a real biebette!”

Bieberphobia: Fear of Justin Bieber.
Annie: Wanna come to the Justin Bieber concert with me?
Michael : WAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Annie: Bieberphobia, eh?

Bieberphile: A female over 30 year old (or in some cases a male) who has an unnatural, creepy and quite frankly unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber.
Daughter: Mommy.. did you see my Justin Bieber posters? I have 8 posters and they all gone.
Mother : Oh.. I forgot, it’s in on my bed. Sorry honey..
Daughter : OMG Mom…eww.. what did u do? you’re such a Bieberphile!

Bieber-Shawty: Justin Bieber girlfriend or anyone he is currently dating.
Rachel: OMG.. u won’t believe this. JB kissed Jasmine Villegas in video “BABY.”
Bev : Really? Is she bieber-shawty?

Bieber-Hater: People who hate Justin Bieber because of jealousy and unknown reasons.
Rebekah: “omgg justin is lyk hott i wanna be his shawty 🙂 :)”
Lisa: “ikr omg justin biber i luv”
Boy-Troll: “You guys are pathetic. Justin Bieber is gay fag.”
Lisa: “OMG U bieber hater, U’re just JEALOUSS OF JUSTIN!!! GET A LIFFEEEE!!!!!!”

BIEBERculosis: a love curse of being in love with Justin Bieber.
“Oh my gosh, i think i have BIEBERculosis.”

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