Eww.. Justin Bieber Loves to Google Himself. ;)

Sean Kingston revealed that Justin Bieber loves Googling himself. And he regularly puts his name into the search engine so he can read what people have been writing about him.

When asked if he Googles himself, Sean Kingston says “NO, but Justin does that though, he loves to YouTube himself and Google himself, Iā€™m not like that.ā€

See.. we all can’t live without internet today. he he šŸ™‚

Some people comments “You guys are so pathetic, Justin Bieber will never come on this fansite and he didn’t even know if this fansite exist.”Ā  huhh..

But guess what… Justin Bieber is just like us, he likes youtube, twitter and of course “Googling” around using a giant search engine; Google.com

If you can ended up on this site from google, so does Justin. In fact, JustinBieberZONE.com is one of the largest Justin Bieber fansite. We get over 18,000 fans visiting this site from Google EVERYDAY! and still growing!

thanks guys!

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