High School plays Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Nonstop for Fundraiser


A Washington state high school took a unique approach to raising money for a good cause. Until students raised $500 for a Ghana school, Justin Bieber’s song Baby repeatedly played in between periods and during lunch.

“Oh my God, my head is about to explode right now,” Tenino High School student Zack Chamberlain told KING 5 News.

Luckily, the school reached its goal. As of Tuesday, Connor Stakelin, 17, who is the president of the student government, says the school has raised $962. The school is now continuing the fundraiser in hopes of raising $1,200.

“That is the goal and anymore we raise would just be better for them,” Connor told USA TODAY Network.

The high school got the idea from Tenino Elementary School Principal Dave Ford. The money raised will go toward iCrossover International Academy in Ghana, with the goal of providing 254 orphans there enough food and school supplies for the month of April.

Watch video below:

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