Justin Bieber’s Shoe Helping to Fund Surgery of a Baby With Cerebral Palsy

Beau Waite, Ralphie Waite at a concert Bieber

Beau Waite (7) and Ralphie Waite (9) at JB’s meet & greet in UK where they won one of Bieber’s shoes.

Justin Bieber will help a 18-month-old Ayla-Mae Hemms — indirectly, after two beliebers, Ralphie (9) and Beau Waite (7) of South Wales, UK, decided to auction off a black shoe once owned by Justin and use the money to help fund surgery for the toddler, who has cerebral palsy.

According to NYDailynews, the 18-month-old Ayla-Mae is profoundly deaf and has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Her family needs to raise £100,000 (or $160,000) to undergo selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery to help her become more independent and have the chance to walk unaided.

Ralphie and Beau Waite Bieber Shoe

Ralphie and Beau Waite with Bieber Shoe!

Ralphie & Beau are now donating the sneaker to raise money for a 18-month toddler suffering from severe cerebral palsy.

The sibling’s mom – Khloe Waite plans to save Ayla-Mae Hemms, the daughter of a family friend, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy by auctioning Justin’s footwear.

Ralphie Waite and his sister Beau with 18-month-old Ayla-Mae Hemms

Ralphie Waite (9), his sister Beau (7) and 18-month-old Ayla-Mae Hemms who’s suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

Khloe Waite says she hopes that money raised from the auction of the precious plimsole on Ebay this week will go a long way to helping raise the funds. She tells NYDaily News:

When I said if there was anything we could do to help Ayla-Mae, the kids [Ralphie & Beau] said, what about Justin Beiber’s shoe?

Our target from the auction would be £1,000 (or $1,600), we would be really happy with that. All the money would go towards the Ayla-Mae Three Steps Forward Charity.

I think one of the saddest things about Ayla-Mae’s condition is that her hands are constantly clenched meaning that she will never be able to touch her face.

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