Justin Bieber’s Nike Shoes Sold for $62,000 at eBay Auction for Charity!


An eBay auction for some of Justin Bieber’s personal items has ended, raking in thousands of dollars for a good cause.

The auction gave fans a chance to buy JB’s used Toronto Maple Leafs comforter, pillowcase, ceiling light and a pair of his Nike basketball shoes — all autographed by Justin.

The winning bid on the shoes came in at more than $62,000, while the comforter sold for more than $6,000.

The pillowcase ended at more than $3,000, and the light was came in at just under $2,000.


The profits are going to help support Stratford’s House of Blessing food bank, and all items come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Justin Bieber’s grandmother.

JB’s grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, donated the items to raise money for the food bank and organizers say JB signed them when he was in the area over the holidays.

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