Watch Closely! Dummy Justin Bieber Fell Off the Sky as String Broke during #BieberRoast entrance! VIDEO GIF


Justin Bieber falls 10 feet on his butt during his entrance for his ROAST. Although everyone in the audience reacts with seemingly genuine concern and shock – the fall was planned and fake!

Watch Justin Bieber Roast – FULL VIDEO!



One source says: “When Justin Bieber fell from the sky during his entrance it was legitimately scary. I froze in my chair and for a moment thought I had been there to witness the death of Justin Bieber. “I WAS THERE.” I’d yell to my grandkids in the future when they asked me about it. Anyway, as I mentioned I was far back. I had no idea there was a dummy Bieber in the harness and not the real thing.”

And here’s the dummy Bieber.


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