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Justin Bieber Wearing Crop Top? Meeting Brazilian Fans at the Beach -VIDEO

Justin Bieber’s sported a bizarre ensemble of a white tank pulled up as a crop top,

Sexy Ass Justin Bieber at Laguna Beach, Cali -VIDEOS

Justin Bieber towels off as he walks up the stairs away from the beach on Thursday

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Surfing in Byron Bay Australia

Here’s the video footage of Justin surfing at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay , Australia (November

Justin Bieber Shirtless in Hawaii Beach – Hot!

Justin Bieber shirtless in Hawaii beach.

Justin Bieber and Lil Za Golfing at the Beach

Playing golf with Lil Za. watch Video:

Justin Bieber Chillin on the Beach in Dubai

Justin relaxing on the beach. He will be performing tomorrow (May4) at the Sevens Stadium in