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Justin Bieber Wearing Crop Top? Meeting Brazilian Fans at the Beach -VIDEO

Justin Bieber’s sported a bizarre ensemble of a white tank pulled up as a crop top,

Case Reopened, Justin Bieber Faces 1-Year in Brazilian Prison for 2013 graffiti Incident. Should he Skip this Tour Stop?

Justin Bieber faces arrest in Brazil for illegally spray painting graffiti on a Rio hotel’s wall

Blaming Justin Bieber for Spain’s 1-5 Loss – World Cup 2014

Twitter went into meltdown with millions trying to explain the reasons behind Spain’s 5-1 defeat to

‘I Love You Brazil’ – Justin Bieber Sends Message to Brazilian Fans

Justin Bieber’s Believe” movie hits theaters in Brazil on on February 28, 2014, and here’s Justin

Justin Bieber and P9 Band – Believe Tour

The Brazilian boy band ‘P9′ was Justin Bieber’s support act at Believe Tour in Brazil.

Spraying Graffiti in Brazil, Justin Bieber Reportedly Facing Police Investigation

Justin Bieber is reportedly under police investigation in Brazil after he was photographed appearing to illegally