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Justin Bieber Sent Martha Steward a Signed Guitar for a Charity Auction!

Martha Stewart burned Justin Bieber pretty bad at his Comedy Central roast, but don’t worry—everything’s cool

Justin Bieber attending the 2015 Desert Smash – Red Carpet!

Justin hiding his hair under a hat while attending the 2015 Desert Smash hosted by Will

Justin Bieber to perform at Will Ferrell’s La Quinta gig – Cancer for College (March 10)

Justin Bieber will be the surprise musical guest at Tuesday’s Desert Smash tennis tournament, hosted by

Justin Bieber’s Nike Shoes Sold for $62,000 at eBay Auction for Charity!

An eBay auction for some of Justin Bieber’s personal items has ended, raking in thousands of

Justin Bieber items auctioned off on eBay for Ontario Food Bank charity

Beliebers will get a chance to cuddle up in his comforter or take a walk in

Justin Bieber Wearing Scarf for Children’s Charity

Justin Bieber joined superstars including Britney Spears, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lea Michele, to support Alder Hey