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Justin Bieber Raised Over $480,000 For Philippines #TyphoonHaiyan, Goal $1 Million

Justin Bieber has raised over $480,000 in just 1 day for his #GiveBackPhilippines campaign. He’s hoping

Win to Meet & Hangout w/ Justin Bieber in a Studio #‎GiveBackPhilippines‬. Donate Now!

Help Justin Bieber raise money for the Philippines and you can win a chance to come

Justin Bieber, Beyonce, The Beatles Use Album to Help Philippines

Justin Bieber and more than 40 artist artists and their labels joining forces to raise money

Justin Bieber – Make-A-Wish Chili

Justin meeting Make-A-Wish Girls in Santiago, Chile @itssmykidrauhl: Meet @justinbieber yesterday thank u very much and

Justin Bieber Building School in Guatemala [Photos]

Justin spent the weekend in Guatemala City, joining a team from the charity Pencils of Promise

Video Confession: Giving is the best in Guatemala

I just had one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life in Guatemala. I