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Justin Bieber Plays Hockey with the Army West Point team in NY -VIDEO

Justin Bieber got back to his Canadian roots on Saturday, pulling on his skates for a

Justin Bieber Get Crushed by Chris Pronger During NHL Celebrity All-Star Game -VIDEO

Justin Bieber skated with some of the game’s greats during Saturday’s NHL All-Star celebrity game. This

Justin Bieber Shows off Amazing Hockey skills in Men’s league game -VIDEO

Justin Bieber shows off some Hockey skills on the ice. Justin was back at it at

‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Billboard Jokes: USA vs. Canada Olympic Hockey 2014

A company in Chicago has taken out advertising space suggesting that the loser of Friday’s hockey

Justin Bieber Playing Ice Hockey at Marietta Ice Center, Atlanta (Feb4) – Pics

Justin Bieber is back in metro Atlanta. Local residents spotted him at the Marietta Ice Center in

Justin Bieber Presented with a Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Stick

Another pic of Justin Bieber presented with a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey stick by CEO Tim